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Crowd in Lyon's metro station


For Keolis, predictive models are a key innovation topic

JUL. 6, 2022 by KEOLIS


How Keolis harnesses data and predictive maintenance to optimize operational efficiency and service quality

NOV. 1, 2022 by KEOLIS

Data and predictive maintenance to optimise operational efficiency and service quality at Keolis

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EcoMotion Week: a startup scouting event in Israel

OCT. 25, 2022 by KEOLIS

Aerial view of Tel Aviv by night


UX Data: understanding the passenger relationship with data to enrich user experience

OCT. 19, 2022 by KEOLIS

UX Data: understanding the passenger relationship with data to enrich user experience


Roll-out of Open Payment: enabling passengers to travel à la carte

OCT. 12, 2022 by KEOLIS

Deployment of Open Payment on the Keolis network in Dijon


With a simple nudge, Keolis is encouraging virtuous behaviors

OCT. 5, 2022 by KEOLIS

Woman walking on the platform at the exit of the Ginko tramway


Leveraging data to improve the performance of transit networks and multimodal mobility

SEPT. 20, 2022 by KEOLIS

Passengers boarding a Keolis bus


At SEMA, Keolis is testing out the future of autonomous vehicles

JUN. 22, 2022 by KEOLIS

4 autonomous vehicles on a road at SEMA


Easing rush hour crowding in the Netherlands' public transportation

JUN. 7, 2022 by KEOLIS

How the Netherlands got rid of the hyper-peak | Keolis


New charging solution boosts sustainable electric vehicles (and reduces energy consumption)

MAY. 11, 2022 by KEOLIS

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News & Insights

Apply now to participate in the 2 Keolis Challenges at Ecomotion 2022

APR. 11, 2022 by KEOLIS

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