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VivaTech 2023: Keolis presents its innovations in mobility

VivaTech 2023
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PostedJUN. 27, 2023
Words byKeolis
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Keolis, a leader in mobility services, once again took part in VivaTech 2023, Europe’s biggest tech event. It was a chance for the operator to showcase its innovations promoting air quality, transit accessibility, decarbonization and autonomous mobility. Visitors to the SNCF booth were shown how Keolis and its partners are shaping the future of mobility.

As it does every year, Keolis took part in Europe’s biggest tech event, which offers the perfect opportunity to present the innovative projects led by the Keolis Group, its regions and its partners. It was also a chance to meet with new startups and to continue developing our Open Innovation approach.


visitors to VivaTech in 2022


different nationalities



This year, we discussed air quality with the startup Bioteos. Air quality is a critical public health issue and we are working every day across our networks to monitor the air quality in our stations, measure particles at the source, and purify the air when necessary. Bioteos notably presented its test carried out in the Lille metro and its solution to purify the air using microalgae. 

Traitement de l'air avec Bioteos

Transit accessibility is a key part of our commitment to promoting mobility that responds to the needs of all. Ezymob presented its guidance solution for people with visual impairments, which is currently being rolled out on the Keolis Besançon network. This AI system was developed to make public transit more accessible at every step of the passenger journey: guidance in the station, locating bus/tram doors, identifying empty seats and more. 

Guidance solution for people with visual impairments
Guidance solution for people with visual impairments

We are also committed to decarbonizing mobility, thanks to an ambitious energy transition plan for our vehicle fleets as well as a superior understanding of mobility behaviors within regions and their impact in terms of CO2 emissions.  

Our subsidiary Hove presented Patterns CO2, a tool developed for regions and mobility authorities to measure the impact of mobility projects on the modal share and on CO2 emissions.  

Mobility Park at VIvaTech 2022

Finally, we also gave a presentation entitled “Ready for autonomous mobility services?” which set out our process for rolling out and operating autonomous shuttles and buses.

Matthieu RÉMY

Matthieu Rémy

Head of open Innovation Data & Digital

"We were delighted to present these innovations which are helping to create a post-carbon mobility that is both universally accessible and responsive to each passenger’s needs."

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