Using data for driver training

Keolis Downer: leveraging data in training bus drivers

Using data for driver training
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PostedJAN. 19, 2022
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In March 2021, the Keolis’ Australian subsidiary launched a project for training bus drivers called “Driver Performance Dashboard.” It consists of a dashboard equipped with a built-in telemetric box that supplies data to drivers and their managers. This innovative tool can improve driver behavior and – ultimately – enhance safety and passenger satisfaction.

Context: a desire to improve passenger experience thanks to more informed bus drivers 

At Keolis, a first-rate passenger experience is the top priority for each bus driver, and this includes smooth driving. At the same time, local managers need objective information to interact with their drivers. This is what Keolis Downer aims to provide by leveraging the power of data

Innovation: combining daily assistance and continued training for bus drivers 

Since bus drivers often work alone on the road, it is often difficult for them – as well as their managers – to get objective feedback on their service quality. The “Driver Performance Dashboard” project helps meet this need. Keolis Downer equipped their buses with telemetric boxes that supply driving data. This data is then crossed with other information provided by the PTA (Public Transport Authority of Western Australia), as well as the subsidiary’s CRM tools and collaborative platforms. By consolidating this data, the tool generates an assessment grid based on five criteria: regularity/punctuality, driving flexibility, accident rate, absenteeism and user feedback. This objective data is combined into a single file provided to drivers and managers, which facilitates continued training for 350 bus drivers.  

Benefits: improving driver behavior and passenger expectations   

Designed for drivers and their managers, this process highlights the best driver behaviors, and identifies areas for improvement by analyzing data. Keolis Downer can then rely on an objective vision of the training and review efforts they need to put in place.  

On their end, managers have access to the resources they need to support drivers. “Since the Employee Dashboard was introduced in March 2021, it has opened up a whole world of conversation and interactions with the team, covering so many different aspects. The Dashboard gives me the information I need to explain to my team members how they are doing and where there is the opportunity for improvement. It's just been fantastic,” confirmed one of Keolis Downer Hunter Team Manager.  

The system quickly showed its initial benefits, including improved service quality, reduced accidents and even lower energy consumption. The project also helped the company better understand and account for passenger expectations.  

Keolis downer
Keolis downer

Next step: “Driver Performance Dashboard” on mobile devices   

Creating a mobile application will give each bus driver greater access to information and an overview of changes in their performance.  

Dasboard Kathleen and Lindsay

Keolis Downer Hunter Team Manager Kathleen Lynch engaging with Bus Operator Lindsay Bladon about her performance in September.

Operational Director at Keolis

Emmanuel Genlot

Operational Director at Keolis

"With the dashboards generated automatically every fifteen days, managers and drivers can base their dialogue on objective data."

Keolis Downer Hunter Team Manager 

« Previously, team members didn't have access to this information. Now, since the Employee Dashboard has been available, I've been getting great feedback. People are really becoming engaged and wanting to know more and more, which in turn has made more and more improvement. » 

« This has definitely added a friendly, competitive edge across our business. » 

« I would definitely recommend the Dashboard to other businesses across Keolis. It's a fabulous tool for managers and leaders to develop your team. » 


Keolis Downer Hunter Bus Operators 

« Overall, I've found it to be very helpful in maintaining a high level of service. »  

« The good thing about the Employee Dashboard is that it actually gives us a good excuse to talk and liaise with our manager, where we never previously really had that opportunity unless there was an issue that came to a head. » 


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Project launch


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