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Passenger experience: innovating with users of TBM to invent the services of the future

Passenger experience: innovating with users
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PostedJAN. 18, 2022
Words byKeolis, Barcelona, 08019
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What better way to improve the passenger experience than turning to… passengers themselves? This was the approach taken in the French region of Nouvelle-Aquitaine in the city of Bordeaux, in the southwest of the country, where Keolis is rolling out a collaborative platform to dialogue and co-construct the services of the future with its customers.

Context: deciphering expectations in terms of passenger experience 

Rule no. 1 at Keolis: listen to passengers and learn their expectations. This simple solution offers plenty of insight into the operational changes and adaptations needed to improve the passenger experience. FanVoice, the collaborative platform set up by Keolis Bordeaux Métropole, takes this approach even further by aiming to co-construct with users the services of the future that will improve the Bordeaux transit network.  

Keolis launches a collaborative platform.

Innovation: a collaborative process to co-create the transit network of the future  

Keolis Bordeaux has rolled out a participatory platform to invite passengers to share their current experience on city transit, as well as the changes they would like to see at every step in their trips: route planning, wait times, onboard comfort, etc.  

Through this co-construction process that enabled passengers to co-develop the transit network’s transformation, Keolis Bordeaux sparked a reflection on the future of public transit.  

Although most suggestions focused on simplifying the everyday aspects of the transit system (setting up an urban navigation assistance system; facilitating access, payment and traffic information, in particular through mobile solutions; etc.), three specific desires emerged for the transit system of the future:  

Offer entertaining or informative content to passengers during their wait 

Increase environmental efforts across the network: renewable energies for vehicles (electric, hydrogen, etc.), plant-filled or solar-powered bus shelters, as well as access to enhanced multimodal solutions so that everyone can reduce their carbon footprint 

Develop an inclusive network, notably for people with disabilities: both in terms of access to information (voice announcements) and creating dedicated spaces 

Passengers were able to submit their ideas and discuss before voting for their favorites. 

Jonas Roux, Keolis Bordeaux

Jonas Roux

Head of Studies & Customer Listening at Keolis Bordeaux

"The co-construction approach, as we have imagined it, gives a new lease on life to traditional survey methods."

Benefit: Involving passengers, meeting their needs and improving loyalty    

By coordinating a digital co-construction approach, Keolis Bordeaux Metropole is learning more about its users and accelerating its innovation. Including users in changes to the future network’s products and services ensures that it will meet their needs and secure their loyalty. 

Next step: expand this approach     

This collaborative process may be initiated once again to mobilize the community of passengers in the operational execution of these projects, while it may also be adapted for other networks within the Keolis Group.  

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