Crowd in Lyon's metro station
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Keolis subsidiaries share their experiences at the 11th Innovation Club

Crowd in Lyon's metro station
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PostedMAY. 25, 2022
Words byKeolis
    On March 31, 2022, correspondents from 15 Keolis subsidiaries around the world met to share their experiences and give feedback. The topics of their discussions: passenger counting and predictive models.

    The purpose of the Club: mapping, sharing experience and encouraging the replication of innovative projects across the Group

    Created in 2019, the Innovation and Data Club is a discussion and meeting forum that brings together nearly 120 innovation correspondents from the various Keolis subsidiaries and industries, all around the world. Because innovation comes from the field, the Club makes it possible to identify valuable ideas rolled out within subsidiaries and try to replicate them in other areas when necessary. Sixty innovative projects that could likely be replicated, together with feedback from the field, have already come to light during the Club’s quarterly meetings. These events also help to define new strategic innovation themes along the Group’s business lines.

    Matthieu Rémy

    Head of Open Innovation

    "The Innovation Club is a powerful tool for the diffusion and replication of innovative projects."
    Bus network of Keolis Orléans

    Passenger counting and predictive models on the agenda for the 11th meeting 

    Passenger counting is a topic that has recently been thrown into the spotlight: in addition to ticketing data, it is an indispensable metric for traffic visibility, whether for network operation or customer relations. 


    The use cases based on passenger counting are varied and aim to improve the passenger experience on our networks: 


     - Passengers now expect up-to-the-minute ridership information. Keolis Orléans presented its project, that combines a predictive model with communicating ridership forecasts, to users via a mobile app. Keolis Lyon and the startup Affluence are also testing out a solution that aims to optimize the distribution of passengers along the metro platform, by indicating the doors to the least crowded cars in real time.

     - Predictive models, while useful for many different businesses, have emerged as a great tool for adapting the available transport offer: Keolis Nederland has notably developed a predictive model based on AI that integrates factors influencing the use of transport (weather, events) in order to adapt its fleet. Keolis Côte Basque Adour is working with a local startup to include factors like climate and tourist seasons in its traffic forecasts.

     - Keolis Besançon presented its "Fraudometer", which compares passenger counting and ticketing data in real time. It opted to use "nudges" to encourage passengers to validate their tickets. In this way, based on a non-validation threshold, the bus may announce a thank you message or one that encourages passengers to validate their tickets.

    Crowding information on Keolis Orléans' app
    Crowding information on Keolis Orléans' app


    Innovation correspondents


    High replication potential projects shared

    Man validating his ticket in a Keolis Besançon bus