Crowd in Lyon's metro station

For Keolis, predictive models are a key innovation topic

Crowd in Lyon's metro station
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PostedJUL. 6, 2022
Words byKeolis
    Creating predictive models is a major innovation priority for urban mobility and passenger comfort. Keolis subsidiaries are leading several projects in this field using artificial intelligence and data analysis.

    Predictive models: a boon to the passenger experience

    From industry to financial services, predictive models are emerging in many different sectors. Transport operators have adopted them to improve urban mobility by anticipating the number of passengers and peak traffic times. As a tool for regulating urban traffic, predictive models make it possible to optimize vehicle supply and distribution over a specific area. Passengers have everything to gain: reduced waiting times and optimized vehicle capacity to ensure greater onboard comfort.

    Artificial intelligence is at the heart of these predictive models, which draw on passenger and ticketing data as well as other information such as weather and event data.

    Image of neural networks made by computer.
    Image of neural networks made by computer.
    Bus network of Keolis Orléans

    Projects to optimize urban mobility

    Several Keolis subsidiaries are currently working on predictive models for urban mobility. Keolis Nederland, for example, has developed an AI-based model that analyzes all forms of transport ridership in order to adapt the vehicle fleet accordingly. In France, Keolis Côte Basque Adour is working with a local startup to include factors such as weather conditions and tourist seasons in traffic forecasts. Keolis Orléans is developing a project that combines a predictive model and communication of traffic forecasts to users via a mobile application. Finally, Keolis Lyon and the startup Affluence are testing a solution to optimize the distribution of metro passengers on the platform by indicating in real time the least crowded trains to ensure better onboard comfort.

    These projects were all presented at the 12th meeting of the Innovation and Data Club, which took place in March 2022. This meeting and discussion forum brings together nearly 120 innovation correspondents from various Keolis subsidiaries and business lines, both in France and around the world. It is a crucial tool for innovation management within the Keolis Group.

    Crowding information on Keolis Orléans' app
    Crowding information on Keolis Orléans' app

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