SNCF Connect application interface

Keolis, SNCF and Airweb: an all-in-one digital MaaS offer

SNCF Connect application interface
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PostedJUN. 26, 2023
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In France, SNCF, Keolis and Airweb are joining forces to create a unified booking service for different modes of transport (combining train, bus and tram, for example) on a single trip. This innovation in the field of MaaS (Mobility as a Service) will be available to all SNCF Connect app users.

Context: MaaS, a collaboration between three key mobility players: SNCF, Keolis and Airweb 

Getting all types of passengers to embrace intermodal transport will also rely on operators’ ability to offer users a seamless journey and a “door-to-door” experience. That requires an approach based on MaaS, where the goal is to provide a single and unified digital tool (like SNCF Connect) for trip searches, planning, booking different modes of transport, payment and ticket changes. Simplifying and streamlining the customer experience from end to end, while eliminating the need for passengers to navigate from one service to the next, is one of the main challenges in the development of shared mobilities. 

A key benefit of this unification will be an increased complementarity between transport operators. Until recently, operators have tended to create their own IT systems to manage their respective networks. However, in 2021, a tripartite collaboration between SNCF, Keolis and Airweb, a developer of digital mobility solutions, was initiated to overcome this challenge and offer a unified service on the SNCF Connect app.


municipalities covered by the SNCF Connect app

SNCF Connect - interface

In February 2023, 22 urban networks in France were covered by this new service that is set to expand as new agreements are signed with local operators.  

Innovation: SNCF Connect, a single MaaS app for a door-to-door trip 

Airweb ensures the interconnection between the SNCF and Keolis systems. SNCF Connect app users thus receive a streamlined journey, even if they combine modes of transport, such as train, bus and tram. In this way, they benefit from a single point of payment, as well as a single after-sales contact for any issues or claims. All tickets needed for their trip are collected in the app in the form of dynamic QR codes. Users can also validate their ticket on their phone thanks to contactless technology. A powerful door-to-door travel assistant, this MaaS service is intended initially for passengers using several modes of transport on an occasional basis (excluding passes and subscriptions).  

Benefits: simplifying, streamlining and securing the passenger experience across all networks using the MaaS app SNCF Connect

The primary benefit of this innovation lies in the streamlined ease of a multimodal journey. But it is not the only benefit. In fact, this service creates an additional remote purchasing channel, providing direct access to public transit in the destination city – which may be unfamiliar to the passenger – without having to find a ticket counter in advance. It also includes contactless payment options adopted and preferred by many passengers during the COVID-19 crisis. Finally, this new service contributes to digital inclusion as the SNCF Connect app is available across all devices (mobile, tablet, etc.).

The partnership between SNCF, Keolis and Airweb represents a major step forward in the evolution of transit services, offering passengers an integrated and door-to-door MaaS solution that is already operational and adaptable for the entire region. This collaboration via the SNCF Connect interface may also lead to the emergence of new mobility services within the French transportation ecosystem in the future.

Passenger using the SNCF Connect application
Passenger using the SNCF Connect application

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