Multimodality in Dijon

In Dijon in France, an innovative multimodal pass for occasional drivers

Multimodality in Dijon
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PostedJAN. 30, 2024
Words byKeolis
    In an effort to encourage drivers to find more sustainable alternatives to using their cars, Keolis Dijon Multimodalité and Dijon métropole offer downtown residents the “Petit Rouleur” (occasional driver) pass. Priced at less than €65 per month, this innovative offering includes parking, public transport access and even bike services (VéloPark, bike-sharing and long-term bike rentals), provided that passholders do not exceed ten car trips monthly.

    Keolis Dijon Multimodalité innovates to reduce pollution and combat single-occupant driving

    To reduce greenhouse gas emissions, Keolis supports various local initiatives. One of the Group’s priorities is to encourage drivers to adopt alternative transport habits, aligning with urban mobility policies and minimizing single-occupant driving (driving alone with no passengers). 


    In Dijon (France), Keolis operates a unique multimodal contract, including bus and tram networks, bike services and lot and street parking. In the fall of 2023, the operator launched a comprehensive multimodal pass, which includes access to public transport, bike services and car parking. The offer is targeted at “occasional drivers,” specifically downtown residents who are well-served by public transport but still occasionally use their cars. The goal is to encourage these drivers to rethink how they use their cars and opt for public transport and active mobility options more frequently. 


    per month


    car trips allowed per month


    participating parking lots in downtown Dijon

    The only multimodal pass of its kind in France

    Multimodal passes traditionally combine access to one or more public transport options (such as trams and buses) with access to bikes. Keolis Dijon Multimodalité is innovating by being the first to include access to residential parking lots as part of this program.

    The “Petit Rouleur” subscription is a formal contract signed with the resident: for under €65 per month, the subscriber has unlimited access to all public transport options (buses, trams and bikes) as well as parking for their car (compared to between €120 and €150 if the transport subscriptions were purchased separately). In return, the subscriber agrees not to use their car more than ten times per month. Thanks to this new subscription, users can save money, while also maintaining flexibility in their travels and only gradually changing their mobility habits.

    License plate readers at parking lot entrances automatically record the number of times passholders’ cars enter and exit the lots. Additional charges apply to users who exceed their monthly threshold of ten car trips.

    This pass is reserved for Dijon residents eligible for residential parking in one of the participating DiviaPark lots. It is also eligible for employer reimbursement. 

    Dijon tramway
    Dijon tramway

    Isabelle Laraque

    Shop owner in downtown Dijon

    "I used to pay €208.70 every three months for my parking lot access, or almost €70 per month, even though I didn’t use my small car very often. Today, I pay €64.70 and have unlimited access to the public transport network as well. I am also conscious of the program’s environmental benefits: the “Petit Rouleur” initiative is a step in the right direction."

    A beneficial system for your wallet and the planet 

    Launched in September 2023, the “Petit Rouleur” subscription quickly appealed to those who used their personal vehicle fewer than 15 times a month. Even without extensive advertising, the initiative sold fifty subscriptions in its first month of operation.

     Since then, Keolis Dijon Multimodalité has received positive feedback from both parking lot attendants and subscribers, achieving a flawless 100% customer satisfaction rate. Users have embraced the system’s principle, with no breaches of the ten-car-trip limit.


    multimodal “Petit Rouleur” pass offered in France (including access to buses, trams, bikes and car parking)

    Petit Rouleur promotional subscription poster

    At less than €65 per month, users can save money, while also maintaining flexibility in their travels and only gradually changing their mobility habits.

    A budding system that is continuously improving

    Encouraged by this positive response, Keolis Dijon Multimodalité is actively promoting the “Petit Rouleur” subscription to parking lot customers and downtown residents. 

     Moreover, plans are underway for technical enhancements and additional services, including the potential implementation of a notification system to alert users nearing the ten-car-trip monthly limit. 

    Cyclists in Dijon
    Cyclists in Dijon

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