Commuters at a crossroad

Getting travelers to choose sustainable travel through digital nudging

Context: Incentivizing green travel

A fintech based in Stockholm, Sweden, Gokind launched the world’s first type of banking app that enables users to discover the sustainability and diversity actions of the companies and services that they buy from. The 12-month collaboration with Keolis, which started in November 2021, aims to add a new layer — mobility nudging — to incentivize and reward travelers in order to increase the use of public transportation. In doing so, the partnership will hopefully curb the less sustainable travel habits developed by many people during the pandemic, thereby guiding them to greener options.

Smart Mobility Nudging Project: A timeline

  • Gokind launched - September 2021

  • Smart Mobility Nudging features released in November 2021 (as a pilot)

  • Solution rolled out to target group - January 2022

  • Debrief showing the result of the app usage - August 2022

  • Backed by major investors from within Google, P&G, Hedvig, Alstom and more

Innovation: Gokind’s app guides users towards sustainable products and services

The Gokind app makes it easy and affordable to live more sustainably by allowing users to receive personalized nudges and challenges towards greener alternatives based on their purchases. It combines the sustainability data of brands and services with user spending data to guide them towards supporting greener and fairer products and services. For example, switching from a traditional energy provider to one that uses only renewables and promotes gender equality in the workplace, or swapping a personal motor vehicle that runs on fossil fuels for a pass on the electric public bus.

Value: Gokind’s app is designed for scalability

Increasing the use and status of public transportation is only the beginning of the story, with Gokind also including tailored nudges and to encourage travelers to consider off-peak traveling on those services. Over time, the information that is generated grants both Gokind and Keolis a deeper understanding of the communications, incentives and rewards that trigger people to make changes in their choice of transportation.


The platform is also designed to engage with younger audiences, nudging them towards sustainable travel from an early age. By combining travel purchases with all others purchases, the app succeeds in doing what many apps that focus purely on commuting often don’t: retaining long-term user attention and combatting greenwashing.


The Gokind platform and app have also been built for scalability, and can be connected to all EU banks, which means that they offer great opportunities for expansion and the application of findings beyond Sweden to all parts of the EU, and eventually, on a more global level.


The Gokind platform was selected by the EU Horizon R&D funds as the sole winning company solution on fighting greenwashing and misinformation, indicating the level of innovation. The project allows us to enable the same level innovation but within mobility.  


The Gokind platform has proven itself in real life. Users that use the app have increased their use of second-hand shopping, switched to greener electricity plans and even switched to more ethical insurance providers. With Gokind’s data driven approach, this shift in consumer behaviour can be proven by the spending data of the users.

Visual of the Gokind application
Visual of the Gokind application
Two women chatting, their cell phone in hand, in front of a bus stop

Next Steps: Using Gokind data to build better incentives and rewards, thus leading to greener traveler behavior

The incentives and rewards that are tested in the Gokind platform are tailored to the unique travel patterns of the user. The more data and insight that are gained about traveler behavior, the better Gokind can tailor incentives and rewards to tackle specific pain points that travelers today encounter when considering public transportation. The project team is also using macro data, as well as collecting information from qualitative interviews, to hone in on how best incentives and rewards for the Smart Mobility Nudging project can be further customized.From a competitive landscape, this is truly a unique project. This is the first-time consumers will get tailored mobility nudging as an integrated part of a lifestyle app that helps them to sustainable choices in all parts of their life.